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Issues with SC injector

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  • Issues with SC injector

    Hi all,
    After a small fender bender I have gathered all my parts and my 1996 Miata with the TVS 9000 is running. It is one of the old configurations as the air intake wraps under the air intake manifold and it is right by the cross member.

    I was going back and forth with Tom trying to diagnose this issue but maybe with more heads on the case I will solve this sooner.

    Before the car accident I hadn't installed a wideband and therefore cannot speak to the running condition of the car back then.
    Currently the wideband is reading lean, about 14-15 AFR at open throttle over 3000 RPMs

    So far from the testing I can confirm the following:
    When disconnecting the wires to the injector, the cars AFR does not change at all - confirming the injector isn't properly working with the power cards
    When the car is idling and I ground the injector the car floods and dies - confirming the injector does operate given the correct signals
    When I hook up a voltmeter to the wires coming off the ECool card and I use a hand pump to simulate boost, the voltage never goes to 12V even when the multimeter is in peak mode
    At one point pumping pressure to the Ecool card would cause a change in the number of lights illuminate, that doesn't seem to be the case any more (I really hope I didn't break the pressure sensor of the card)

    All things considered what should be my next move?
    How can I test to see if the pressure sensor is messed up in the ECool card? what could be happening within the card that resulted in no voltage change when the card saw pressure.
    Could a bad ground cause this?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!

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    Tried everything on the e-cool card but it unfortunately looks like I busted up my boost sensor. TOM I NEED YOU!