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E85 on a 1997 with FFS

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  • E85 on a 1997 with FFS

    I got all the parts that Tom suggest....about to put the car into a shop for install....for the cards...Tom suggest to turn off the timing card....any thing else do I need to do beside injectors, fuel pump change...turn off timing card....newbie to these process....i have AFR gauge to monitor the gas also...Thanks you guy.

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    You may need to turn up the ECool setting by 1 light on Green/Blue

    1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED


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      Hey Tom,

      Along the same lines, I'm also running your coldside on a 97. I used to run a hotside on a 90 and spliced a potentiometer into the AFM to be able to change AFR on the fly much like you have on the 300+hp Miata on your YouTube video. But at that time I only ran e85. I'd like to do something similar on my new 97. Do have any suggestions for slicing into the MAF 0-5v signal wire to run a 400-500 cc injector and then use the potentiometer to lean it out to make it an analog Flex-fuel car like you did? That way I could run 91 in emergencies and lean it out with the potentiometer and run e85 wherever its available. Maybe what size potentiometer I should use or if you think this will work with a MAF at all?

      Thanks for any help you can provide!

      -- DC