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Tensioner Assembly

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  • Tensioner Assembly

    In the early days, back a hundred years ago or so, we pre-assembled the tensioner bracket and spacer so there was little suspense as to how to install it. Some might have wondered why all of the holes were there but it didn't matter so they simply installed the kit. Now, a hundred years later, people (well, some people), have moved into the realm of large crank pulleys and more power and some new customers are simply ordering the kit with larger pulleys. As a result, we stopped pre-installing the spacer. As a result of that, now customers ask hw to do it. As a result of that, here are instructions. For those of you who bought kits to put on their Miatas a hundred years ago or so and are now in the realm of larger pulleys, this applies to you too. All that struggling to get the belt on after going to a 125mm pulley might be relieved a bit by reading this.

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