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Details of the DIY kit?

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  • Details of the DIY kit?

    Would like to know what you get with the DIY kit?

    Eg. Does it come with everything needed to bolt up to the engine and you just add your existing throttle body? I assume I'd need to sort intake piping and air filter.... But what about pulleys and belt?

    What happens with the STD injectors and fuel rail? Does the replacement intake manifold support them or come with needed mounts to reuse your STD injectors?

    I'm really keen to review the breakdown of what is included in the DIY kit.

    PS I'm already sorted with a MS PNP so I'm initially happy to go down that path, and if I'm unhappy with that, I'll toss that and look to buy the e-cool and FFS ecu bits larger pulleys, throttle body etc.


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    Fuel rail depends. 94-97 gets the new rail. 99-05 uses stock rail. Kit uses stock TB, no extra injectors and pulleys for ~6 PSI. You can have any pulley combo you wish instead but you cannot make more than ~160 WHP without cooling of some sort in the manifold. Other than engine management and BTB, most everything else is included.

    1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED


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      Thanks Tom.

      Do you have a detail BOM and/or how do you have customers confirm correct items were shipped or included?



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        This is the checklist we use with the kits when we ship. It goes with the kit. As we have only shipped 4-5 DIY kits out of close to 300, there is really no specific check list. However, if you follow the checklist for the Low Cost kit, they are basically the same kit sans engine management. No EM, No BTB, No IAC brackets, No Fuel rail for 99-05. IAC stays on the stock TB.

        Might be some other minor part not included but I think everything is covered.
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        1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED


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          Brilliant, just the stuff I wanted to see.

          Just to be clear, so I'd be right with my existing NA6 TB and megasquirt ecu re-tuned for boost, such that the needed mounting plates, IAT bungs and map vacuum ports exist etc. I'd use my existing WB o2 to help tune, and whilst the WHP would be low, the kit would work - that's great!

          I'm unclear what happens to intake coolant fast idle, but I guess your STD kit handles that?

          The additional injector holes come with bolts or blanks in them?

          So the only thing I'd need extra is the intake pipes and air filter?

          As you can tell, I'm cautious and probably need to study the 89-93 install guides - are they the right ones on your forum?

          I'd follow the install guide and just skip steps or reuse my TB as needed.

          Thanks again for the detailed replies.



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            Remember, the 160/170 numbers were for the 1.8L. We have not done a 1.6L with the DIY kit but I would guess ~20WHP less? Should still work OK.

            You may have to drill/tap your own IAT bung as I am not familiar with what is needed? No big deal to drill/tap the manifold before mounting. Everything else should be there. We have a tap for the vac/boost line.

            Coolant fast idle is no longer used on our kits. I would guess you don't need it on the DIY either. I would think that is all handled in the MS?

            Injector holes are simply plugged. If you want to use them in the future with injectors, the plugs simply unscrew.

            Air filter and hose is supplied same as the full kit.

            Those instructions are as good as it gets.. As we have never sold the DIY for the 1.6L, there may be a couple odds and ends but I don't really think so. As stated, it is basically the same as the low cost kit (also never sold for the 1.6L as yet) with no EM. We do have pulleys to allow for making 5PSI boost on the 1.6L. So that part is a go as well.

            The requests for the aftermarket ECU (low cost and DIY) kits has all but died as they make less power and take more work. We have just not done much with them in the last couple years.

            1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED


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              Mmmmm, sure makes it hard to decide if very few with 1.6 engines have gone with FFS....?!?

              If the megasquirt doesn't work out for me, am I right to think I can upgrade to the full kit for the difference (less shipping) ??



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                The 1.6kit hasn't been out too long. 12 kits out around the world. All of them are full kits.

                It will cost a bit more than the difference to upgrade as some parts used on the DIY kit like the TB adaptor are different and get replaced. Probably a couple hundred by the time it's done. If you stay with the lower power pulleys, for example, they will also get replaced for more power.
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                1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED