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Install in earnest, Day 1

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  • Install in earnest, Day 1

    Finally got to start the disassembly today. Removed everything except the alternator, drained the oil, replaced the oil filter, installed my oil temp sender. So far, about 3-3.5 hours in. The manifold nut second back from the front, on the lower side, was the hardest one for me to find, though once I figured out the correct combination of extensions, it came off easily enough.

    Interesting to see all the stuff Mazda has added to the engine (hard oil lines, more wiring, etc) since '96. My car is an '05, but the first one I really spent a lot of time fiddling with was the '96.

    I did manage to break one of the retaining tangs on the rear-most fuel injector plug. I hope the friction fit will be sufficient to keep it in place but time will tell.

    Need to stop for the day, next step will be final prep on the parts. I'll probably run all the new wiring before installing the manifold as well, and replace the factory oil pressure switch with the VDO unit.


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    Good start. If you need a new injector pigtail, let me know. I'm sure i can get you one.

    1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED