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Alternator wire and mou nting bolts

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  • Alternator wire and mou nting bolts

    Way back, when we did Jim Thompsons car here in Phoenix, we didn't get his alternator pivot bolt tight and the car ran like crap and wouldn't make power. Turned out all we had to do was tighten that bolt and all was well. That pivot bolt is the groiund return for the alternator power and, if not tight, will drop the voltage down to a loss of spark and power.

    While there, make sure the power wire mounted to the bolt on the back of the alternator is also tight. It will produce the same thing. It also appears that having either one of these connections lose can result in blowing the alternator.

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    Also it is very Important that you connect the alternator power wire, as I forgot to do that, and caused all sort of other problems. Well Joe did, not me..
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