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The JIC "Secret Sale" is here!

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  • The JIC "Secret Sale" is here!

    We're offering a special sale price on JIC's top-of-the-line FLT-A2 coilover sets. These monotube dampers feature 15-way adjustable damping, (adjusts compression and rebound) independent ride height and spring preload adjustments, and on the NA/NB Miata, pillow-ball top mounts all around. Standard spring rates for NA/NB kits are 9 kg/mm front, 8 rear: optional rates are available for an additional cost.

    So why is it a secret?

    The deal is, we’ve made a special purchase from JIC, so we can offer these at a price that is far below what their pricing agreement allows us to print. In order to do this with their blessing we have agreed to not publicly post the price... however, if you send an email to [email protected] I can tell you all about it. For comparison, MSRP for these kits is $2070 and normal posted prices are around $1800.

    SPECIAL NOTE: when you email be sure to mention you saw this on the Fast Forward Forum and you will get an additional discount.

    This special is being offered with the full support and permission of JIC USA. All products are new, first-quality kits in their original boxes. We have all generations of Miata kits in stock and ready to ship. Quantities are limited… once these are gone this price may be gone forever!

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    Great deal Steve. I for one love my JICs. I have the 12/10 and no regrets. My wife and I recently went cross country (Phoenix - Cleveland - Detroit -Phoenix) pulling my trailer and have no ride complaints.

    You guys ought not pass up this opportunity.

    1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED


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      I would have jumped on this deal, but I just got my Tein Flex 2 weeks ago....

      12/10s ???? Your wife must be car crazy too
      2001SE- Hotside 115/65mm, A/A IC, PC-Pro, Fifth Injector, J&S Ultra with knock gauge, LC1/XD16, Walbro 255.


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        JIC's Rock!

        I just finished my first auto-X and the JIC A-2's were awesome. I installed the 9/8's. The handling of the car took a little getting used to as I changed the front sway bar at the same time and rolled out of my garage at full stiff (shock damping.) Ride height dropped to 11.75/F and 12.5/R. The car looks a little tail high but no time to lower the rear or raise the front to even things out, so I went as is. Steve at Gearheads garage was great with his support and taking the time to answer questions. I also installed his short version endlinks. I would recommend these to anyone serious about the best shocks out there. And of course the price can't be beat.
        2002 Vivid Yellow, Thompson relocate, PWR, LC-1 and G2, JIC A-2's and RB 1.25 front sway and brace, gearheadgarage endlinks, 17" Koseis, Kumho 711's, FFS w/105mm, off the jackstands for tuning


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          Hi John,

          Thanks for the kind words... it's always nice to hear from another happy customer!

          If that isn't too low in front for you (depends on the size of curbs and driveways in your area) then you can bring the rear down to 12" by turning the ride height adjusters in about three to four turns. Don't change the spring preload.

          When you get some time to play around with your adjustments, try dropping the shocks down to about their midpoint for street driving (7 or 8 out of 15 clicks.) Quite a few folks have also found they like these settings on the track when running street tires.

          Also, I've been able to secure a few more sets at this special price. The response to this sale has been very good so far so if you're on the fence I wouldn't wait much longer or they may all be gone.