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  • 1999 Miata

    I'm new to boost. I bought Ari's kit (thanks for all the help Ari!), and have had it on my car for a few weeks now. My car is mostly setup for autocross. I've done two events so far, and the new found acceleration is simply awesome.

    Even though I bought the kit used, Tom has been very helfulful to me by helping me tune on the dyno and answering many noob questions.

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    That looks great!!! Looks quite menacing .


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      Great looking ride!!!

      Welcome to coldside boost!! Car looks great!
      What brand, size (Dia. Width & Offset) are those wheels?
      They look great!
      '02 SE, FFS, 2 1/2" Mid, Borla, timing card, DIY ram air, Coolant bypass, 198.3 WHP= bald rear tires quick!


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        The wheels in the pictures shown are my race wheels.

        15x10 Bogarts with 6.25" of backspace with a nice 275/35/15 hoosier I just picked these up last month, and I have to say the quality of these wheels blew me away.

        My street wheels/tires are 15x8 sportmaxx with 0 offset on a 225/45/15 hankook RS2.


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          Clean, sleek, classic!!!!! Very nice.
          '00 Coldside FFSC 130mm pulley @ 18.5psi. on E85. OBX header, Goodwin Midpipe, Tein Flex, Koyo Rad, Etc.


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            Hey Kevin!
            Glad to see it being put to good use.
            Your car looks sweet; nice and clean! Nice grip with the 275/35-15 Hoosiers. What suspension and brake setup are you running?


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              I have koni yellows that were shortened and revalved. I'm using ground controls with 6" 850lb front and 6" 550lb rear springs. The big racing beat front swaybar. I have a rear racing beat sway bar, but it's disconnected for now.

              As for brakes I'm running Hawk pads: HPS up front and HP+ in the rear. It really helps improve the brake bias. I'm thinking of trying out a more aggressive combination like HP+ up front and a DTC in the rear.

              I have a hard dog rollbar that will go back on someday, so I can do some track events.


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                Nice! I'm using Carbotech XP10 front/xp8 rear and Centric blank spec miata rotors. Ive been extremely pleased with the brake setup. No fade and great bite from cold. The Carbotechs also do not dust a lot after heavy abuse and they are easy on the rotors.


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                  Kevin, those 15x10 Bogarts LOOK MEAN!!! Did they clear the stock brake calipers? Did you have to role and/or pull the fenders to get them to fit??? I'm currently running 13x8's w/ 255 A6's, but want to step up to 275's. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

                  BTW, where did you order your Bogarts from?

                  Mahalo from Hawaii,



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                    Thanks Hogan. The bogarts clear the stock 99 brakes. My fenders were done by a body-man. He hammered the fender lips until we had ample clearance. Then he smoothed out the body with more hammering and finally a small coat of body filler.

                    I ordered my bogarts through The wheels are one of the nicest things I've bought for my miata (the FFS kit being the other )


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                      I've been happily running my kit for just over a year now without any issues! My car dyno'ed 188.88 at azdyno chip. I'm considering my options for more power.

                      I'm running e-cool, an elf fuel controller, the pc timing card, 105mm pulley and Arizona 91 octane gas.

                      1) If I were to upgrade to a 110 or 115 pulley, what kind of power could I expect if i'm making 188hp with a 105 pulley?
                      2) Will the 5th injector need to be tuned by going to a bigger pulley, or will I just need to update the elf controller?
                      3) Where can one find the 110 and 115 pulleys and how much are they?

                      One last question: I need a "splitter" for the vacuum lines. Does anybody have a suggestion where I can find one?

                      Thanks in advance!