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  • This could be a life saver

    I thought my steering box (26 years old) was getting a bit worn as they was just a hint of looseness with the steering wheel centered. I pointed it out to others and everybody said the same thing. Thursday I was up at Curt's getting my drive shaft replaced and, as I was ready to leave, I rocked the steering back and forth and it went click-click-click. Curt said to pop the hood as it didn't sound like the rack and pinion. I popped the hood and he fiddled with the steering shaft as I wiggled the steering wheel. Then I heard him say in a loud voice OH NO!! Well, that didn't sound good.

    Turns out the bolt that holds the clamp where the steering shaft couples with the steering box was missing, gone, nada. The coupling is a split coupling and, as it had no bolt, it was spreading. I could have been in a hard turn and it could have simply slipped in the coupling leaving the car go in whatever direction it had a mind to. New bolt and red locktite and all is well with the world.

    I mention this only as a warning/reminder that you should all take a look at the steering couplings (top and bottom) and make sure that tthey are tight and the bolts are tight. This could have been a serious disaster.

    1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED