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  • Intercoolers

    As most of you know, I consider intercoolers to be a bandaid. Years ago, before fuel injection, the carburetor was pre-blower and 100% of the fuel went through the blower and cooled the air in the intake manifold (ECool, so to speak). Then came fuel injection and along came intercoolers when they would have been better off with an extra injector spraying fuel pre-blower like before. Ah, well. Thought you might appreciate this intercooler story.

    Whoda thunkit?

    1990 with FFS Coldside. At least 260 WHP NON-INTERCOOLED

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    Well, that's entertaining LOL.

    However, I don't think a preblower carb would be better than what we currently use with the FFS setup for making power or cooling. The reason is based on what I saw on the dyno with increasing E-Cool. There was a certain threshold where the high rpm power falls off. I think part of it is due to fuel distribution, based on the EGT readings. But I also think it is due to there being too much fuel to atomize in the manifold based on how bumpy the torque curve got too. That might go hand-in-hand with the EGT readings. You can have too much of a good thing.

    The old hotrods of course have blowers with two big 4-barrel carbs sitting on top of them. I have to wonder if they would get even more power (and smoother) with the same intake manifold, but port injection and injecting about 20% of the fuel into the blower? Maybe instead of 600hp they would make 700hp? :D

    Regarding carbureted blowers, I have to admit that this one continues to get my interest:

    The SU was the best carburetor ever made IMO. Smooth like fuel injection.