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FastForward Supercharger Kit PLUS extras. SoCal. $3,500

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  • FastForward Supercharger Kit PLUS extras. SoCal. $3,500

    (this is pretty much a copy of my CL ad so I'm sorry if some of this is common knowledge.)

    CARB legal FastForward Supercharger Kit PLUS extras. $3,500 OBO.

    I am selling my FastForward SC kit that is currently installed on my 2000 Miata. Nothing wrong with it but once this kit is sold I am going to be building a forged motor and going to a non-CARB legal Turbo setup.
    The kit has about 30,000 miles and has been on my car since it was brand new. It currently makes 215whp on E85 and just passed SMOG again on this setup. Even on E85 I have never had an issue passing SMOG (and I don't have a "guy").

    It will come with the CARB sticker and all the original parts for a quick and easy install. The only difference in this setup compared to the 91 octane kit sold at is a larger fuel pump (not included) and RX8 injectors which are included. Even on E85 the stock ecu and included power cards control the car perfectly and the car has seen about 20,000 trouble free miles on the E85 setup. If you would like to run the kit without e85 just use your stock injectors and you will see the advertised 180-190whp on 91 octane.

    You will get:
    - CARB sticker.
    - The MP62 kit and all the bits and pieces that came with it brand new. It will be ready for install. Retail for $4,700
    - Power cards, timing card, and E-cool card.
    - Cold Air Intake and filter isolation box. Retail $350
    - RX8 Injectors. $150-$200
    - Racing Beat Header and heat shield. Retail for over $450
    - Several pulleys and belts to play with if you would like to run 91 octane. Retail $300

    Over $6,000 worth of parts for $3,500

    I am willing to give anyone rides in the Temecula area and I can also send videos or more pictures of the setup.
    Evan: 951-972-6446


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    The kit has SOLD